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Below are some amazing stories from real people about how this incredible product Vemma has changed their lives.

We make no medical claims as to what this product will do we just suggest that you try it! Our bodies can do amazing work when given the right tools!

“I never had a problem with my weight until my early 20′s when I developed health problems and began taking prescribed medications. Over the next few years I found myself consistently gaining weight, and it was just impossible to take off. I began to consume Verve in early 2009, and very quickly lost 6 lbs without any changes to my diet or lifestyle!

Over the course of the next year, because of the energy and improved health that Verve provided, I was able to lose a total of 45 lbs with a little dedication and hard work. I have maintained this weight loss to this day and continue to love my Vemma/Verve.”

~ Clarice Morgis-Janes, Montreal, QC

“In November 2008 my dad ended up in the hospital with cancer, and severe oxygen retention issues. He was on oxygen 24/7 and we didn’t think he would make Christmas that year. It was almost 2 months before they got him strong enough to even start the chemo. He became bald and bloated and looked less and less like my dad every day. I gave him what I knew to give him at the time to rebuild his system after the chemo, and all the drugs had stripped everything away. They were great products and helped him a lot, but then he seemed to plateau.

Then in November 2010 he began drinking the Vemma and Next. Within weeks Dad went from snoozing 2 to 4 times a day to rarely snoozing at all. Physically his stamina has increased. Where before he would have to stop 3 to 4 times to rest, he can now go the whole way without stopping. But the biggest witness of the power of this product is that he is growing hair in his bald spot!!! By the way, he’s going to be 82 in November.”

~ Darlene P, Osoyoos, BC

“As a 53 year old father of 9 children and grandfather of three, I find it very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to keep up with my growing family. Since taking Vemma a little over a year ago, I have lost 50 pounds and have managed to keep it off. I have gained tremendous energy to exercise and run with my wife and 5 of my children every morning at 6 am-from my 23 year old to my 8 year old-and can still out run them!

Vemma has helped my family maintain a joyful lifestyle by becoming more active and fit. As a family, when we combine great health with exercise, it’s amazing how emotionally, spiritually and physically gratifying our lives become.”

~ Don Lalonde, Windsor, ON

“I had been using Vemma for only 3 months before I decided to get my cholesterol levels checked. I was told by many people that Vemma would be amazing for this, but I have always been sceptical that anything would work. My family has had many health challenges and very high cholesterol, and I just happened to have the highest of the bunch. This is a heredity situation, and it has continuously been very stressful for me to see my high results with nothing changing year after year. I have been told for many years that the only thing that would help is Crestor or Lipitor. As a natural health guy, I have always wanted to beat this thing by natural means.

I have tried many products, and to be honest, started to believe that nothing would work for my situation. After visiting my doctor once again last month, he was so impressed and told me my cholesterol went down wellover a point, and was asking me what I was doing. I feel I’m on the road to beating this thing, and know with all my heart that it is because of the amazing Vemma formula.

Quite honestly, I had tears in my eyes when the results were discussed, because until now, nothing has been working. This is one of the many benefits I have been experiencing with the Vemma formula, and I look forward to sharing this with many others who could use the same benefits to address many different health challenges. Thank you Vemma!”

~ Robin Wong, Vancouver, BC

“In March of 2009, after complaining of being fatigued all the time, I was introduced to Vemma. Shortly after I started to take Vemma, not only did I have a lot of energy, but it also helped me with another ailment. I am a migraine sufferer and will have as many as three or four migraines a month. To help with the pain, I was on heavy duty prescription medication, Tylenol #3 and Fioronal.

After six to eight weeks of taking Vemma, my migraine headaches start to lessen, sometimes a month would go by without even struggling from one. I am thrilled that it has now been 1 ? years since I suffered my last migraine! The only thing that changed in my life was that I started to take Vemma. Thank you Vemma, you gave me my life back!”

~ Julia Hackim, Ontario, Canada

“In April 2009, I broke my sacrum in half snow-boarding. The sacrum is the thickest bone in the body, and apparently the worst bone you can break. Six weeks later, the bone was healed, but had a lot of pain and soft tissue damage. Everything ached from head to toe, and with the physical body work I do as an Onsen Therapist, I was down to only being to work on one client a day, having trouble sleeping, etc. A year later, in April of 2010, I was not looking for Vemma, but through a real good friend, Vemma found me!

I started consuming the product, and within 2 weeks, noticed that my body wasn’t aching anymore, and my energy was up. I was pleasantly surprised. I feel like I’ve healed my body from the inside out, and am getting younger every day! I also had inflammation of the small intestine, deep cracks in my tongue. And after a year on the formula, taking 2 – 6 oz per day, my tongue is completely healed, and my bowels are working perfectly.

My strength has returned, I’ve lost about 20 lbs, and I look and feel about 10 years younger! Now I’m on a path to creating a 7-figure a year residual income, and plan on travelling the world with Vemma, fulfilling my mission and my purpose. Thanks BK!”

~ Melody McKelvie, Kelowna, BC

“When I was 30 years of age, I lost 4 members of my family in a car accident. Almost immediately I started developing pain all over my body. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, depression, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, which resulted in chronic sleep disorder. Now I am 64 years young, so over the course of the past 34 years I have tried every avenue presented to me for elimination of any of these symptoms. Over the course of 34 years I have spent thousands of dollars on prescription medication as well as alternative therapies. Up until Vemma came into my life, I had no significant results from anything I had tried. I began Vemma on September 7, 2010 with 2 oz a day.

In just 2 days after starting VEMMA my bowels cleared, and to this day I have experience absolutely no irritable bowel discomfort! I noticed about a week later that I had more energy. As I continued using the formula I kept feeling better and better, and that is when I decided I wanted to engage in the business side of the opportunity and I purchased a gold pack. Now that I had far more product I was also able to increase my intake up to 4-6 oz per day. My energy started to increase significantly and over the course of about 2 months I lost 27 pounds and my pain was diminishing dramatically!

Now 6 months later I am 95 percent pain free and I have loads of energy and I feel VEMMA has enhanced every aspect of my life and I am ECSTATIC to announce that I am totally 100 percent prescription drug free!!! THANK YOU BK!!! Praise the Lord!”

~ Violet Linden, Kelowna, BC

“11 years ago, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hips and knees. Also, for the past 11 years I’ve had fibromyalgia, but have had the symptoms for 15 years. At 51 years of age, I felt like I was falling apart. Then Vemma came into my life, and to my amazement, within just 2 weeks of consuming 4 ounces a day, I was able to quit some of the arthritis meds, plus many prescription and over the counter drugs. These medications bothered my stomach so bad, that I had to take additional meds to counteract the side-effects. Plus I used to suffer from restless leg syndrome.

My total cost in medications was over $700 per month. And after just 3 weeks on Vemma, I’m no longer taking any medications for pain, and also have quit my sleeping pills. In this short time of just a few weeks, I also no longer have any cravings, and have lost 12 pounds. I’m so thrilled with the results that I am now a Vemma Brand Partner, and have decided to work the business. My husband is also consuming Vemma as he has diabetes, high blood pressure and a minor heart ailment. We are thrilled with how this formula is changing our lives!”

~ Debbie Cannon, Ontario

“Since starting Vemma on September 1, 2010, I have lost a total of 17 pounds without any effort. What’s more, I have a very rare disease called Stills, and thanks to Vemma, I’ve been able to reduce my prescription drugs almost in half. Plus I have more energy than I can remember in years. I’m so excited to be part of this amazing company, and proud to represent this brand!”

~ Yours tremendously, Andrew Metcalf, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

“I am a 49 year old male who has been in law enforcement for 29 years now. I am overweight and for the last several years prior to using the Vemma products I suffered from joint and neck pain, high blood pressure, stress, allergies and dry and cracked skin. Since May 2009 I was assigned to a new position at work that required extensive travel, long hours and many days of work without any days off. I was sleeping in hotels and eating fast food on the run. Although I was committed to two years to this position I didn’t think that I could, or rather would, make it. I did not have the energy; I was gaining weight and my body ached just getting out of bed in the morning.In October 2010 I started to take liquid Vemma.

Almost immediately I noticed the difference in the amount of energy I had and the pain and cracking in my neck and joints were no longer there. My skin is supple and looks years younger and my allergies are non-existent. Just when I thought it could not get any better I started on a couple of cans of Verve a day. In the first two months I lost 20 pounds and my head was more clear, and I found myself to be more focused.

I not only have enough energy to continue beyond my two year commitment at my job I also took on the business venture that Vemma had to offer. No words can explain the difference Vemma had for me; you must witness the Vemma experience for yourself!”

~ Joseph A. Romualdi, Barrie, ON, Canada

“Hi my name is Verda McIntosh, I am 83 and I started taking Vemma mid December in 2010 and I was 82 then. I have diabetes and arthritis. When I first started taking Vemma I noticed I was able to think better, after about 2 weeks. I started taking 1/2 oz in the morning and at night because my system was very sensitive to the formula. After about one month I became constipated, and we decided that my body required more of the formula and that is when I started to take 1 oz in the morning and 1 oz at night. I was able to work through the constipation and my bowel cleared after about 2 weeks.

At that time I had been taking Vemma for about 2 months, and I went in for my regular blood test. That is when my doctor called me to have me come in and see him. I felt a little nervous at this, however when I went for the appointment I was pleasantly surprised with his good news. He had called me in to tell me that my blood had never looked better and when I informed him about Vemma, he was aware of Vemma and declared it a powerful formula and for me keep taking it!!! So I take 2 oz of Vemma faithfully everyday and always will.”

~ Verda McIntosh, Peachland, BC

“I had been diabetic since March of 2005, taking insulin daily, up to 35 units before bed, and anywhere from 3 to 12 units before each meal. On May 14, 2010, I started the VEMMA formula, and initially, my sugar went up, which freaked me out a little. Communicating with my body I knew it was ok. As a Quantum Bio-feed Specialist, my system kept telling me that I was over the top with insulin in my body. So July 1st I quit all insulin, anywhere from 30 to 60 units a day, depending on what I was eating.

I haven’t taken any insulin now for 3 months, and am happy to say that today I am insulin free. And now I wake up and my sugar levels are within normal health range, which is 5 to 7, which is the healthy zone, opposed to the highest readings, which were as high as 18 or 19. No pain in the morning when I wake up, and my circulation is terrific. My emotions and energy is completely joyous. The body knows that its job is to heal itself, and when you provide the proper nutrition as in Vitamins Essential Minerals Mangosteen and Aloe, with a little bit of decaffeinated Green Tea, your body starts to heal itself. It’s truly miraculous! I thank BK Boreyko for having the vision and the inspiration to bring it into our presence so we can heal ourselves one human at a time.”

~ Freda Perry, Vancouver, BC

“I have been taking Vemma since September 2009 and have loved how complete the product is. In January 2010, I went to see my doctor because my husband and I wanted to have a baby. My doctor stressed the need to have Folic acid in my diet. I showed her my bottle of Vemma. She approved of the product overall, and told me the amount of Folic acid was good. I continued to take Vemma while trying to get pregnant.

I got pregnant the first month of trying and during my pregnancy I had no morning sickness, no exhaustion, no unhealthy cravings, and as a result I only gained a healthy 25lbs. Our daughter, Meadow, was born on December 30, 2010. Within two months of having my daughter, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have been breast feeding for 5 months now while taking Vemma, and my daughter is happy, healthy, sleeping well, and growing like crazy. I believe she is thriving because I am healthy and getting what I need every day. To top it all off, neither of us have been sick.”

~ Terry-Lynn Hill Soltys, age 32, Hamilton, ON, Canada

“My name is Natasha Lovell and I live in Kelowna, BC Canada. Five years ago I was hurt in an accident when a cruise ship I was working on tipped over. I hyper-extended my back so far that the vertebrae gouged my spinal cord, which left me with an incomplete spinal cord injury, uncontrollable muscle spasms and excruciating nerve pain.

I was on a variety of prescription medications including muscle relaxants, nerve blockers, anti-anxiety meds, pain killers and morphine, all of which I was taking maximum amounts of each. Yet, pain was still ruling my life.

I started taking VEMMA 11 months ago and I began to notice the intensity of my pain reduce in small doses. After being hospitalized for pain yet again, I decided that the meds were not working. In fact they were causing even more issues like a bleeding ulcer, and my kidneys couldn’t function properly, just to name a couple of things. Three months ago, I decided to take therapeutic doses of VEMMA equalling 8 ounces a day for 60 days, and I am ecstatic to report that I have been off all my prescription medications ever since.

My rehabilitation doctors and friends notice the constant improvement in my abilities like increased energy and range of motion. However, it is my quality of life that has dramatically improved which benefits me, my family and the people closest to me. Thanks Vemma!”

~ Natasha Lovell, Kelowna, BC, Canada

“As a Natural Health Consultant, Raw Food Lifestyle Specialist, Writer and avid Researcher, specializing in supplementation for more than 15 years, I was introduced to VEMMA. At first I was beyond sceptical, and had to carefully review the ingredients. After doing so, in putting the product to the test I was sold on results!

The energy was almost instant, within 2 or 3 days I was literally stress-free during one of the most stressful stages of my life, and when I ran out after 6 days of samples, I noticed severe arthritic pain returning! What’s funny, I hadn’t even realized the pain had left. In March of 2008, I took a bad fall and fractured my acetabulum in three places. It’s the part of the pelvis that forms the hip socket. Fortunately there wasn’t much displacement and I didn’t require surgery. However, the surgeons did say that severe arthritis was inevitable, and that I’d have to learn to live with the pain.

When Vemma found me, I had grown accustomed to the constant nagging pain of arthritis. To my absolute joy, and by complete surprise, after 6 days on the Vemma formula of just one serving of 2 ounces a day, my pain was 95% gone. But It was only after I ran out of samples that I realized this, and only when the pain started to return. Today, a year later, taking Vemma daily I am 100% pain free!!! I’ve never seen anything like this in my profession in all these years, and my speciality has been in whole foods, raw foods and supplementation. It seems every organ, every system, every gland is touched by this miraculous formula! And it’s so simple, convenient, and complete; a dream come true for any health practitioner! What’s more, it’s affordable.

I absolutely love the product, the company and the leadership. Thanks to Linda Proctor and Ian Nicholson for believing in me and for having the patience to help me see VEMMA for what it truly is! Blessings to all who can see, and catch the VEMMA VISION! We’re changing lives, and truly making the world a better place!”

~ Charlene Friesen, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

“Wednesday July 21, 2010, Canada. I woke up at 3:00 am-after having fallen asleep 15 minutes prior- and found myself sweating profusely with a slight pressure in the middle of my chest (as if something I ate didn’t go all the way down.) I stood up feeling dizzy and weak. I stumbled to the bathroom and put my head under the bathtub faucet of freezing cold water to cool down and hopefully shake it off. I was still sweating profusely. I kept trying to go to sleep, but the slight pressure in my chest wouldn’t let me. I couldn’t relax. I grabbed my laptop and had enough sense to Google “heart attacks.” I still didn’t think I was having a heart attack, but I knew I had to get help.

At 5:18 am I was rushed to the hospital. They started hooking me up to machines. My blood pressure was 177/111. The next thing I heard was: “Son, you are having a heart attack.” ME? Having a heart attack? I thought the doc was out of his mind! I was in total denial. The doctor told me that if I wasn’t rushed to another hospital right away that I “wouldn’t make it.” To make a long story short, after an angiogram, I was waking up an hour and a half later out of surgery. They had operated on my heart and inserted a stent. It hit me hard! Wow, I couldn’t believe it, there had been a 100% blockage to my heart! I also have a few more blockages of 60% and 40% and 20%.

After a couple days in recovery, I asked to go home. I was weak, tired and pale. I couldn’t do anything. After more than a week of feeling this way and spending my days in bed resting, a friend and neighbour, Charlene suggested I try a liquid nutritional supplement that was yielding amazing results. Reluctantly, I decided to give it a shot as I was already taking 14 pills a day, including Plavix. She assured me that this was formulated by a physician, with double blind placebo studies that could be taken to my cardiologist for review. Since it’s plant-based, I decided to give it a try. She explained when we give our body what it needs, it will heal itself.

Being health conscious, and preferring the natural way, I decided to take Vemma as I had nothing to lose. Within a couple of days, I noticed my energy picking up, and I also started to get much better sleep (prior to this, I only slept an average of 1-2 hours per night, sometimes not at all. I did this most of my life.) My strength also started to come back. At the hospital, I had weighed in at 280 lbs. Two months later, I weighed 238 lbs. I hadn’t even started working out at that point. I’m amazed at the benefits of taking Vemma.

My body is finally getting what it needs and I’m feeling so much better. Oh, and I also haven’t had a migraine since July 21, 2010, today is May 28, 2011. I will not go a day without taking Vemma. I now have my whole family on it, including my 11 year-old daughter. What’s more, I was told that I would be on the drug Plavix for 12 months, and thanks to Vemma, I was taken off this drug by my cardiologist 9 months early. Our health is so precious and we don’t know how long we have to live. If I can help even one person from going through what I went through by sharing my story, or help someone feel better and have more energy and strengthen their immune systems that will make me feel good, and all this will not have been in vain. I was given a second chance at life and I feel that God is using me as a vehicle to help others with their health. I am grateful for Vemma, and know there is a reason for all of this. Thanks to BK, Dr. Edwards, Charlene and thank you Vemma!!!”

~ Raymond Wilford, Seattle, WA

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